System Configuration Guides

ALAXALA offers system configuration guides (solution guides) that provide useful tips for configuring your own network systems.


  • AX Series Network Partition Solution Guide [Basic] (Ver. 2)(PDF, 1.20Mbytes)
    • This document provides the overview of Network Partition and basic system configuration know-how.
      Through this document, you can be informed about new functions and technical updates available in the software Ver.11.2 or later, such as the Network Partition technique for GSRP systems.

Fault Tolerance

  • AX Series SML Configuration Guide (Edition 2) (PDF, 1.30Mbytes)
    • This document provides know-how on configuration of a large-scale fault tolerant network using FT switches, which realize a non-stop network ALAXALA proposes, and SML together.


  • GSRP Usage Guide (Ver. 1) (PDF, 1.66Mbytes)
    • This documentl provides the overview of GSRP (ALAXALA's redundancy function) and its operation in Layer 2/Layer 3 systems.

Network Infrastructure

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Configuration Examples