Business Needs

ALAXALA promotes optimization of network systems with its variety of solutions, guaranteeing a comfortable and secure network environment for everyone.

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Triple Authentication

Triple authentication solution enables authentication of various terminals by using three authentication methods: IEEE802.1X, Web, and MAC authentication.

High Reliability

Fault Tolerant Network

Fault Tolerant Network solution to configure simple "non-stop" networks with high reliability.


ALAXALA Ring, offering fast switchover with a simple and scalable network topology (STP-free topology), is suitable for large-scale networks that provide services across a wide area and require quick recovery from faults.


Network Partition

Network Partition provides secure virtual networks enabling easy operation management at low costs.

Green IT

Dynamic Power Saving

Dynamic Power Saving is a cutting-edge technology aimed at energy saving of a whole system by supplying electricity only to the necessary units and suppressing power supply to the unused units.


The recommended solutions of other venders
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HP Network Node Manager i software (Hewlett-Packard Company)
- Unified Threat Management (UTM)
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