Environmental Activities

Obligation to Maintain a Good Reputation

To be viewed as a good environmental corporate citizen internally and by others, Alaxala cleaves to business practices intended to minimize environmental impact. Environmentally sound products are only the start; we also seek to reduce the environmental impact of our day-to-day business activities. These efforts are supported company-wide, from the president on down to each employee, as we follow the directives of environmental management representatives serving on the company's environmental committee to maintain a constant cycle of improvement.

Action Through Green IT Products

All ALAXALA Networks products*1 comply with the RoHS Directive*2 (enacted in July 2006). We have established a framework for excluding potentially hazardous substances at each production stage. We implement training to identify the scope of impact and enact coordinated responses throughout the supply chain to respond to any accidental release of such substances. In IT systems, environmental awareness and energy-efficient environmental technologies are important topics. ALAXALA took the initiative in green IT early on through our pioneering technologies, and we are proud to have set an international example as a company with worldwide business ambitions. These preoccupations are clearly visible in both our development of energy-efficient products (through higher performance and new technologies) and dynamic power-saving systems. As network traffic continues to grow, the AX series introduced advanced technologies to achieve energy efficiency and help systems reduce power consumption. Power is supplied to system components that need it, when they need it, while power to other components is ramped down or suspended. This dynamic power-saving approach minimizes energy waste and offers a new, more refined solution for energy efficiency, as the world unites to address wastefulness (related to the Japanese concept of mottainai).

All Alaxala products on the market as of July 2011.
RoHS Directive: Restriction of the Use of Certain Hazardous Substances in Electrical and Electronic Equipment An EU directive that bans the presence of specified hazardous substances in electronics

Green IT

As traffic continues to increase across networks as a whole, the AX series will introduce advanced technology for energy efficiency, helping systems save power.