Spreading our wings as a leading global vendor and a driving force behind network evolution.

The Internet is now a key component of the social infrastructure and a lifeline for many individuals and businesses.
Upholding the ideal of the "guaranteed network," ALAXALA seeks to be a leading global company by meeting Japanese standards of quality, the world's most rigorous.
As a company that helps build truly networked societies, we see this as our mission. As one of Japan's top vendors, we take pride in seeing this work bring prosperity to individuals and to society as a whole.

ALAXALA Networks and its "Double Wings"

The "Ala" in ALAXALA means "wing" in Latin. In the name of our company in which two "wings" are connected with "X", we express our aspiration to fly into the future with our customers, by providing products that support the backbone of network. In order to make networks, the lifeline that connects the world, into something more pleasant and secure, ALAXALA never ceases to develop new products and challenge the technology.