Message from the President

President and CEO Ikuho Minamikawa

ALAXALA Networks was created as a group of network professionals with the aim of providing the stable and reliable products that are needed for information communication networks. Now our philosophy and concept of Guaranteed Network has permeated the Japanese market as the ALAXALA brand, and our products have an excellent reputation for quality and service.

At ALAXALA Networks, we support information networks as a social infrastructure and see it as our mission to keep providing networks that are constantly safe and reliable. For that reason, we must continue to respond quickly to technologies as they evolve so rapidly, such as mobile network, cloud computing, virtualization and green IT, etc. We are constantly developing cutting edge technologies and use them to continue responding to all the diverse demands. Within all of this, we place the highest importance on our dialogs with customers in finding solutions to their problems. We can demonstrate the unique value ALAXALA brings to bear by providing solutions that solve customer's own problems.

Mindful of our customers first of all, we take each problem on as one of our own and create the best solution according to the customer's particular situation. Thus we aim for a partnership in which we can be mutually beneficial.

Moreover, we believe that through these activities, each of us will grow as human beings with a rich heart and deep values and that we will contribute to invigorating our customer's business with a new sense of value and passion.

Ikuho Minamikawa
President and CEO