AX3800S ALAXALA 10G Migration Solution

Fast network for cloud computing

With the growing use of cloud computing in business, data traffic in enterprise networks is increasing. This raises a concern about shortage of network performance, forcing enterprises to face the challenge of upgrading their networks to higher speed.

Especially, core switches, as the heart of network, are key devices for replacing, and it is time for us to achieve migration to 10G networks at core switches. Considering the cost, however, it is not easy to introduce 10G networks into entire system at a time. Instead, we must achieve gradual migration to 10G while making use of existing network assets.

Ideal 10G network migration

Switches supporting 10G interface are usually expensive and sometimes over-spec, and there are many customers satisfied with using only existing 1G networks when considering the current traffic volumes.
How then should we migrate to 10G network?

The answer: migrating only necessary ports to 10G.
The ALAXALA AX3800S Series, having 44 SFP/SFP+ combo ports, enables gradual migration to 10G. Like replacing the memory in your PC, you can easily replace 1G SFP with 10G SFP+ when and where needed.

Ideal 10G network migration

Rich functionality

The AX3800S that enables gradual migration to 10G network provides a new value as a core switch. However, the core switch is also required to provide the following key features.

(1) High reliability and availability; stack provides simple redundant network.
(2) Security; VRF helps build secure virtual networks ensuring independency for each user.
(3) Layer 3 functions; field-proven dynamic routing protocols (e.g., OSPF, BGP, IPv6)

If one of these features is not present, the core switch cannot be fully functional. The AX3800S provides all the necessary features and has the rich functionality equivalent to that of chassis-type switches. Furthermore, the AX3800S has the advantage of requiring lower CAPEX compared to the chassis-type switches.

High usability

The AX3800S, as a core switch for 1G and 10G mixed network, plays the central role in small and medium-scale enterprise networks.

Examples of application
・Medical facilities: 10G network for remote medical checkup / surgery using high-definition 3D vision
・Small/medium-scale enterprise LAN: 10G network capable of accommodating virtual servers / storages, and large volumes of data (e.g., graphics, videos)

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