Enterprise LAN

The growth of cloud computing brought a revolution to the information systems of enterprises. IT resources that can be immediately increased or decreased on demand dramatically improved business efficiency, thus accelerating business transactions. Meanwhile, as we are becoming more dependent on outside IT resources, network reachability is becoming more important. Given that stopping networks leads to business suspension, networks must be more reliable and available. Especially, high reliability is required for core switches handling various types of communication at a time.
In addition, building a system at a reasonable cost commensurate with its size and requirements while minimizing the burden of operation management is an important issue. A network satisfying all of these demands is now needed by companies.

Key points for enterprise networks

  • Selecting the best switch in terms of cost/space reduction
  • Non-stop, simple network enabling easy management
  • Flexible and scalable system that can handle traffic increase

Selecting a reasonably priced switch suited to each system

Given the importance of reliability, chassis-type switches seem to be the best as the core switches of enterprise networks. However, such systems tend to be over-spec relative to a network size, therefore investment optimization has been a challenge facing companies.
ALAXALA provides a rich lineup of products, from which you can choose a reasonably priced switch commensurate with the size of your network.

Size Model Features Redundancy
Large AX6000S Chassis-type switch with a large capacity and high scalability. FT switch(device redundancy)
Small AX3800S Box-type switch suitable for 1G/10G mixed use Stack
AX3600S Box-type switch suitable for Gigabit LAN

This lineup supports Fault Tolerant Network (FT network) and all of the switches above assure high reliability.

Simple redundancy, no need to be complex

Most enterprise networks are redundant systems using STP / VRRP. However, such star-topology networks often cause trouble along with the expansion and intricacy of systems. Especially, a loop fault, which may bring down an entire network, is a serious concern.

To address this, ALAXALA provides Fault Tolerant Network (FT network), which achieves simple redundancy with full link aggregation. FT network does not require protocols such as STP / VRRP (protocol-free redundancy) and provides the following redundancy options for your core switch.

Redundancy type Features
FT switch
  • Architecture that enhances availability to the maximum level.
  • Capable of fast switchover to prevent suspension of services
    ( minimum fault recovery time : 50 msec. ) .
  • Using two switches in the active mode
    (eliminating idling parts)
  • Capable of fast switchover to prevent suspension of services
    ( fault recovery time : within 1 sec. ).

In addition, you can enjoy the following benefits by using link aggregation (line redundancy) together with FT network.

  • logically loop-free network (elimination of loop faults)
  • effective use of all lines (elimination of idle backup lines)
  • simple mechanism that eases switchover (reducing the risk of switchover failure)

ALAXALA provides a standard for future enterprise networks that enables flexible choice of a core switch according to a network size and cost while achieving a simple and highly reliable network using FT network.

Network infrastructure scalable on demand

Demand for investment optimization, that is, resource expansion when and where needed, is rapidly growing in the network industry.
Since there are many factors increasing traffic, such as the growing popularity of the next generation fast wireless LAN (IEEE802.11ac), virtualization of servers/storages, and so on, predicting the timing of infrastructure upgrade is difficult. To address this problem, ALAXALA recommends the AX3800S, a high-efficiency, low-cost switch capable of serving as a core switch enabling easy migration to 10G.

Also, choosing a floor switch focusing on scalability is a smart way to minimize initial investment costs. The AX2500S, which supports Stack, enables small startup (a maximum of four AX2500S devices can be used for Stack), that is, you can gradually enhance a system with minimal resources while achieving integrated operation management saving time and manpower.

Ensuring security of each organization

As a security measure for companies, Network Partition is a good choice. With Network Partition, a company can virtually split its network so that each department has its own network to ensure security, reducing the risk of information leakage.

Fast wireless LAN

The AX2230S, a PoE switch supporting Gigabit Ethernet, can show its best performance even with the next generation standard IEEE802.1ac.

Reducing operation load during nights/holidays

Dynamic Power Saving, which degrades the performance of a core switch when a network is not in use (e.g., nights/holidays) and puts the switch into the sleep state, is useful for energy conservation. Further, as the AX series is a low power product, you can enjoy the great benefits of energy saving just by replacing your switch with the AX series.

Network configuration image

Network configuration image

# Stack of AX2500S will be supported in 2014.


Layer 3 chassis-type switches

AX6300S Series

10 Gigabit Ethernet switches offering carrier-grade high reliability that enables non-stop networking, suitable for mission critical enterprises

(FT switch)

Layer 3 box-type switches

AX3800S Series

Layer 3 box-type switches for accommodating multiple 10 Gigabit Ethernets, suitable as a core switch in medium/small-scale enterprise LANs and data centers


AX3600S Series

Gigabit Ethernet layer 3 switches offering high reliability and rich functionalities equivalent to those of carrier-grade routers, suitable as a core or distribution switch in enterprise networks


Layer 2 box-type switches

AX2500S Series

Layer 2 Gigabit Ethernet switches offering high reliability and feature-rich functionality, suitable as a distribution or floor switch in enterprise layer 2 networks


AX2200S Series

High-performance, cost-effective layer 2 Gigabit Ethernet switches, suitable as a floor switch in enterprise mobile networks


AX1200S Series

Fast Ethernet switches offering robust security for network edges, suitable as a floor switch