ALAXALA AX series router software Border Gateway Protocol problems

Date: August 27, 2009
Date: September 02,2009 rev.1

  1. Affected Products
    Hardware: AX7800R, AX7700R, AX7800S, AX5400S series
    Software: OS-R/RE, OS-SW/SWE (Ver.10.10) with BGP option software (OP-BGP)
  2. Explanations
    BGP4/BGP4+ option software running on AX7800R/AX7700R/AX7800S/AX5400S generates update messages with unnecessary attribute.
  3. Impacts
    The BGP Update message with the unnecessary attribute may cause BGP peering session failure on the receiving equipment.
  4. Workarounds
    ALAXALA released Ver.10.10.A of OS-R/RE and OS-SW/SWE to fix these problems on August 31,2009.

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