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このマニュアルはAX8600RのソフトウェアVer. 12.9の機能について記載しています。ソフトウェア機能のうち,オプションライセンスで提供する機能については次のマークで示します。






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AC          Alternating Current
ACK         ACKnowledge
ARP         Address Resolution Protocol
AS          Autonomous System
AUX         Auxiliary
AXRP        Autonomous eXtensible Ring Protocol
BCU         Basic Control Unit
BEQ         Best Effort Queueing
BFD         Bidirectional Forwarding Detection
BGP         Border Gateway Protocol
BGP4        Border Gateway Protocol - version 4
BGP4+       Multiprotocol Extensions for Border Gateway Protocol - version 4
bit/s       bits per second     *bpsと表記する場合もあります。
BOOTP       Bootstrap Protocol
BPDU        Bridge Protocol Data Unit
C-Tag       Customer Tag
CA          Certificate Authority
CC          Continuity Check
CCM         Continuity Check Message
CFM         Connectivity Fault Management
CFP         C Form-factor Pluggable
CIDR        Classless Inter-Domain Routing
CLI         Command Line Interface
CoS         Class of Service
CRC         Cyclic Redundancy Check
CSMA/CD     Carrier Sense Multiple Access with Collision Detection
DA          Destination Address
DC          Direct Current
DCE         Data Circuit terminating Equipment
DHCP        Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol
DHCPv6      Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol for IPv6
DNS         Domain Name System
DNSSL       Domain Name System Search List
DR          Designated Router
DSA         Digital Signature Algorithm
DSAP        Destination Service Access Point
DSCP        Differentiated Services Code Point
DSS         Digital Signature Standard
DTE         Data Terminal Equipment
E-mail      Electronic mail
EAP         Extensible Authentication Protocol
EAPOL       EAP Over LAN
ECDSA       Elliptic Curve Digital Signature Algorithm
EFM         Ethernet in the First Mile
ETH-AIS     Ethernet Alarm Indicator Signal
ETH-LCK     Ethernet Locked Signal
FAN         Fan Unit
FCS         Frame Check Sequence
FE          Forwarding Engine
HDC         Hardware Dependent Code
HMAC        Keyed-Hashing for Message Authentication
IANA        Internet Assigned Numbers Authority
ICMP        Internet Control Message Protocol
ICMPv6      Internet Control Message Protocol version 6
ID          Identifier
IEEE        Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, Inc.
IETF        the Internet Engineering Task Force
IGMP        Internet Group Management Protocol
IP          Internet Protocol
IPv4        Internet Protocol version 4
IPv6        Internet Protocol version 6
ISO         International Organization for Standardization
ISP         Internet Service Provider
L2LD        Layer 2 Loop Detection
LAN         Local Area Network
LCD         Liquid Crystal Display
LED         Light Emitting Diode
LLC         Logical Link Control
LLDP        Link Layer Discovery Protocol
LLPQ        Low Latency Priority Queueing
LLQ         Low Latency Queueing
LLRLQ       Low Latency Rate Limited Queueing
LSA         Link State Advertisement
MA          Maintenance Association
MAC         Media Access Control
MC          Memory Card
MD5         Message Digest 5
MDI         Medium Dependent Interface
MDI-X       Medium Dependent Interface crossover
MEG         Maintenance Entity Group
MEP         Maintenance association End Point/Maintenance entity group End Point
MIB         Management Information Base
MIP         Maintenance domain Intermediate Point
MLD         Multicast Listener Discovery
MP          Maintenance Point
MRU         Maximum Receive Unit
MSTP        Multiple Spanning Tree Protocol
MTU         Maximum Transfer Unit
NAK         Not AcKnowledge  
NAS         Network Access Server
NBMA        Non-Broadcast Multiple-Access
NDP         Neighbor Discovery Protocol
NIF         Network Interface
NSAP        Network Service Access Point
NSR         NonStop Routing
NSSA        Not So Stubby Area
NTP         Network Time Protocol
OAM         Operations,Administration,and Maintenance
OSPF        Open Shortest Path First
OUI         Organizationally Unique Identifier
PA          Protocol Accelerator
packet/s    packets per second     *ppsと表記する場合もあります。
PAD         PADding
PC          Personal Computer
PDU         Protocol Data Unit
PE-ME       Programmable Engine Micro Engine
PE-NIF      Programmable Engine Network Interface
PGP         Pretty Good Privacy
PID         Protocol IDentifier
PIM         Protocol Independent Multicast
PIM-SM      Protocol Independent Multicast-Sparse Mode
PIM-SSM     Protocol Independent Multicast-Source Specific Multicast
PQ          Priority Queueing
PRU         Packet Routing Unit
PS          Power Supply
PSINPUT     Power Supply Input
PSU         Packet Switching Unit
QoS         Quality of Service
QSFP+       Quad Small Form factor Pluggable Plus
QSFP28      28Gbps Quad Small Form factor Pluggable
RA          Router Advertisement
RADIUS      Remote Authentication Dial In User Service
RDI         Remote Defect Indication
RDNSS       Recursive Domain Name System Server
RFC         Request For Comments
RGQ         Rate Guaranteed Queueing
RIP         Routing Information Protocol
RIPng       Routing Information Protocol next generation
RMON        Remote Network Monitoring MIB
RPF         Reverse Path Forwarding
RQ          ReQuest
RR          Round Robin
RSA         Rivest, Shamir, Adleman
S-Tag       Service Tag
SA          Source Address
SD          Secure Digital
SFD         Start Frame Delimiter
SFP         Small Form-factor Pluggable
SFP+        enhanced Small Form-factor Pluggable
SFU         Switch Fabric Unit
SHA1        Secure Hash Algorithm 1
SMTP        Simple Mail Transfer Protocol
SNAP        Sub-Network Access Protocol
SNMP        Simple Network Management Protocol
SNPA        Subnetwork Point of Attachment
SNTP        Simple Network Time Protocol
SOP         System Operational Panel
SPF         Shortest Path First
SSAP        Source Service Access Point
SSH         Secure Shell
SSW         Sub-crossbar SWitch
STP         Spanning Tree Protocol
TA          Terminal Adapter
TACACS+     Terminal Access Controller Access Control System Plus
TCP/IP      Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol
TLV         Type, Length, and Value
TOS         Type Of Service
TPID        Tag Protocol Identifier
TTL         Time To Live
UDLD        Uni-Directional Link Detection
UDP         User Datagram Protocol
URL         Uniform Resource Locator
uRPF        unicast Reverse Path Forwarding
VLAN        Virtual LAN
VPN         Virtual Private Network
VRF         Virtual Routing and Forwarding/Virtual Routing and Forwarding Instance
VRRP        Virtual Router Redundancy Protocol
WAN         Wide Area Network
WFQ         Weighted Fair Queueing
WWW         World-Wide Web

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