このマニュアルはAX7800RおよびAX7700Rモデルを対象に記載しています。また,AX7800RのソフトウェアおよびAX7700Rのソフトウェア,いずれもVer. 10.10の機能について記載しています。ソフトウェア機能は,基本ソフトウェアOS-Rおよび各種オプションライセンスによってサポートする機能について記載します。

また,このマニュアルは前回のVer. 10.10対応マニュアル発行以降の追加および変更を記載し,Ver. 10.10 Rev.1としたものです。





















第1章 サポートMIBの概要

第2章 標準MIB(RFC準拠およびIETFドラフトMIB)

第3章 プライベートMIB

第4章 サポートMIBトラップ

付録A プライベートMIB名称とオブジェクトID値











ABR         Available Bit Rate
AC          Alternating Current
ACK         ACKnowledge
ADSL        Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line
ALG         Application Level Gateway
ANSI        American National Standards Institute
ARP         Address Resolution Protocol
AS          Autonomous System
ATM         Asynchronous Transfer Mode
AUX         Auxiliary
BCU         Basic management Control module
BFD         Bidirectional Forwarding Detection
BGP         Border Gateway Protocol
BGP4        Border Gateway Protocol - version 4
BGP4+       Multiprotocol Extensions for Border Gateway Protocol - version 4
bit/s       bits per second     *bpsと表記する場合もあります。
BPDU        Bridge Protocol Data Unit
BRI         Basic Rate Interface
CBR         Constant Bit Rate
CDP         Cisco Discovery Protocol
CIDR        Classless Inter-Domain Routing
CIR         Committed Information Rate
CLNP        ConnectionLess Network Protocol
CLNS        ConnectionLess Network System
CONS        Connection Oriented Network System
CP          multi layer Control Processor
CRC         Cyclic Redundancy Check
CSMA/CD     Carrier Sense Multiple Access with Collision Detection
CSNP        Complete Sequence Numbers PDU
DA          Destination Address
DC          Direct Current
DCE         Data Circuit terminating Equipment
DHCP        Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol
Diff-serv   Differentiated Services
DIS         Draft International Standard/Designated Intermediate System
DLCI        Data Link Connection Identifier
DNS         Domain Name System
DR          Designated Router
DSAP        Destination Service Access Point
DSCP        Differentiated Services Code Point
DTE         Data Terminal Equipment
DVMRP       Distance Vector Multicast Routing Protocol
E-Mail      Electronic Mail
EFM         Ethernet in the First Mile
ES          End System
FCS         Frame Check Sequence
FDB         Filtering DataBase
FR          Frame Relay
FTTH        Fiber To The Home
GBIC        GigaBit Interface Converter
GFR         Guaranteed Frame Rate
HDLC        High level Data Link Control
HMAC        Keyed-Hashing for Message Authentication
IANA        Internet Assigned Numbers Authority
ICMP        Internet Control Message Protocol
ICMPv6      Internet Control Message Protocol version 6
ID          Identifier
IEC         International Electrotechnical Commission
IEEE        Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, Inc.
IETF        the Internet Engineering Task Force
IGMP        Internet Group Management Protocol
IIH         IS-IS Hello
IP          Internet Protocol
IPCP        IP Control Protocol 
IPv4        Internet Protocol version 4
IPv6        Internet Protocol version 6
IPV6CP      IP Version 6 Control Protocol 
IPX         Internetwork Packet Exchange
IS          Intermediate System
IS-IS       Information technology - Telecommunications and Information 
            exchange between systems - Intermediate system to Intermediate 
            system Intra-Domain routeing information exchange protocol for use 
            in conjunction with the Protocol for providing the 
            Connectionless-mode Network Service (ISO 8473) 
ISDN        Integrated Services Digital Network
ISO         International Organization for Standardization
ISP         Internet Service Provider
LAN         Local Area Network
LCP         Link Control Protocol
LED         Light Emitting Diode
LLC         Logical Link Control
LLDP        Link Layer Discovery Protocol
LLQ+3WFQ    Low Latency Queueing + 3 Weighted Fair Queueing
LSP         Label Switched Path
LSP         Link State PDU
LSR         Label Switched Router
MAC         Media Access Control
MC          Memory Card
MD5         Message Digest 5
MDI         Medium Dependent Interface
MDI-X       Medium Dependent Interface crossover
MIB         Management Information Base
MPLS        Multi-Protocol Label Switching
MRU         Maximum Receive Unit
MTU         Maximum Transfer Unit
NAK         Not AcKnowledge  
NAS         Network Access Server
NAT         Network Address Translation
NCP         Network Control Protocol 
NDP         Neighbor Discovery Protocol
NET         Network Entity Title
NIF         Network Interface board
NLA ID      Next-Level Aggregation Identifier
NPDU        Network Protocol Data Unit
NSAP        Network Service Access Point
NSSA        Not So Stubby Area
NTP         Network Time Protocol
OADP        Octpower Auto Discovery Protocol
OAM         Operations, Administration, and Maintenance
OSI         Open Systems Interconnection
OSINLCP     OSI Network Layer Control Protocol
OSPF        Open Shortest Path First
OUI         Organizationally Unique Identifier
PAD         PADding
PC          Personal Computer
PCI         Protocol Control Information
PDU         Protocol Data Unit
PICS        Protocol Implementation Conformance Statement
PID         Protocol IDentifier
PIM         Protocol Independent Multicast
PIM-DM      Protocol Independent Multicast-Dense Mode
PIM-SM      Protocol Independent Multicast-Sparse Mode
POH         Path Over Head
POS         PPP over SONET/SDH
PPP         Point-to-Point Protocol
PPPoE       PPP over Ethernet
PRI         Primary Rate Interface
PRU         Packet Routing Module
PSNP        Partial Sequence Numbers PDU
PVC         Permanent Virtual Channel (Connection)/Permanent Virtual Circuit
QoS         Quality of Service
RA          Router Advertisement
RADIUS      Remote Authentication Dial In User Service
RDI         Remote Defect Indication
REJ         REJect 
RFC         Request For Comments
RIP         Routing Information Protocol
RIPng       Routing Information Protocol next generation
RM          Routing Manager
RMON        Remote Network Monitoring MIB
RPF         Reverse Path Forwarding
RQ          ReQuest
SA          Source Address
SDH         Synchronous Digital Hierarchy
SDU         Service Data Unit
SEL         NSAP SELector
SFD         Start Frame Delimiter
SFP         Small Form factor Pluggable
SMTP        Simple Mail Transfer Protocol
SNAP        Sub-Network Access Protocol
SNMP        Simple Network Management Protocol
SNP         Sequence Numbers PDU
SNPA        Subnetwork Point of Attachment
SOH         Section Over Head
SONET       Synchronous Optical Network
SOP         System Operational Panel
SPF         Shortest Path First
SSAP        Source Service Access Point
TA          Terminal Adapter
TACACS+     Terminal Access Controller Access Control System Plus
TCP/IP      Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol
TLA ID      Top-Level Aggregation Identifier
TLV         Type, Length, and Value
TOS         Type Of Service
TPID        Tag Protocol Identifier
TTL         Time To Live
UBR         Unspecified Bit Rate
UDLD        Uni-Directional Link Detection
UDP         User Datagram Protocol
UPC         Usage Parameter Control
UPC-RED     Usage Parameter Control - Random Early Detection
VBR         Variable Bit Rate
VC          Virtual Channel/Virtual Call/Virtual Circuit
VCI         Virtual Channel Identifier
VLAN        Virtual LAN
VP          Virtual Path
VPI         Virtual Path Identifier
VPN         Virtual Private Network
VRRP        Virtual Router Redundancy Protocol
WAN         Wide Area Network
WDM         Wavelength Division Multiplexing
WFQ         Weighted Fair Queueing
WRED        Weighted Random Early Detection
WS          Work Station
WWW         World-Wide Web
XFP         10 gigabit small Form factor Pluggable







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